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Why are my Craigslist Ads NOT Showing Up?

You posted twice and your ads are not showing up after 15 minutes. What is the problem and why are they not showing up live on the Craigslist website? There could be a variety of reasons but here we will go over a few likely culprits when posting on craigslist.

We all want to be able to post free ads on craigslist but they don’t really want us

filling the website with commercial ads so they are taking steps to cheaply and as easy as possible stop us. Luckily they are taking the cheap and easy way. This means we have time to adapt and continue quickly even when they make a change to posting.

When your ad does not show up it means one of the craigslist bots spotted it and didn’t like something in that ad. You may have posted too often or too fast on your ip address.

You may have posted an ad that was too close to one that was posted minutes ago. Your ad must be different and you need to change your ip often. When the bots stop one of your ads, it is called green ghosted. If you go and look in your CL account, it will show as green and live. But when you go to the actual post on the site, it isn’t available to surfers on the website. I know it sucks!

The answer is to change how you are posting and what your ads have in them.

Things that can trigger the green ghost:

* Same Ad title
* Same Ad Body
* too frequent posting on an ip
* using public proxies
* has your link domain been banned already
* image ads in disallowed category
* email address has been overused

There are lots more that we don’t know exactly what they are but smart people have figured out ways to beat the ghost and get the ads posted. A lot of people are sharing what they know about how to post multiple ads on Craigslist. Some know what they talk about and some don’t.

Your own testing and results will teach you through the school of craigslist hard knocks

and it is crucial to go through this if you really want to be able to figure out what is going on.

You can go out and buy software that will post thousands of ads but if they all get ghosted you are no farther ahead. Post manually for awhile to learn the insides of craigslist posting ads that get up there.

After you master manual posting start using software to post more ads. Software is great once you know how to write an ad that avoids the ghost. It is definitely possible to have a 90% stick rate on your ads.

To learn from the best teachers on Craigslist Posting tricks and techniques check out Craigslist Masters.

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